1. Identity card is compulsory for all enrolled students for availing of library facilities.
  2. Identity card will be issued by the librarian on presentation of admission receipt and photograph.
  3. Misbehavior and misuse of identity card is an offence and the student responsible for the same is liable for disciplinary action.
  4. Suggestion box is kept in the library. Constructive suggestions/complaints are entertained.
  5. In case of any grievances the users should contact to Librarian or Principal.
  6. Readers of the library may recommend resources for procurement. The library will procure the books and journals on approval by the principal.
  7. No admission is permitted in study room without identity card.
  8. Students can borrow text books, journals; question paper sets on their Identity Card in the study room.
  9. Books/study materials issued in the study room will have to be returned before leaving the study room, otherwise a fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged per day.
  10. Indiscipline/ misbehavior of the student will be liable for the disciplinary action.