Seminar cum Conference Hall

Seminar cum Conference Hall
Ananda Chandra College, Jalpaiguri
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Our Seminar cum Conference Hall is latest addition to the treasure of facilities added up at our college so far. The spacious hall built on the second floor of the college premises is equipped with state of the art facilities for holding seminar and conference. This hall is the cherished venue for interaction and exchange of new ideas for fostering creative thinking among students. We encourage scholarly activities of all learners over and above their university curricular to equip them with the power of critical thinking. We will always welcome academic programmes to be organized by outside bodies, associations, societies, groups. Organizers willing to use our seminar hall, have to abide by certain rules framed by the college authority with regard to the use of the installed facilities inside the hall. Regulations for users are posted in the college website. The college unequivocally declares that the hall will not be made available for private gathering, family ceremonies, commercial activities, religious services and for any event other than purely academic in nature. Principal or teacher in charge is entrusted to examine the purpose and the nature of the event stated in the application. The primary purpose of the hall is to facilitate promotion of knowledge through interaction and exchange among students and scholars that ultimately benefit the society at large.
1. Seminar cum conference hall is not for holding college classes. UGC, DST, ICSSR, CSIR funded seminar to be organized by respective department of college will be held in the seminar hall.
2. Seminar hall is not for use by the student union for holding annual social and fresher’s welcome event. Principal or teacher in charge will provide other rooms for any cultural programmes in the run up to the annual social and fresher’s welcome in consultation with General Secretary, Students’ union.
3. Any organizations/ association outside college will have to pay user charges to the college. Association of each subject at state level as well as national level can use the hall on payment of charges. No political party or any political programme will be allowed in this hall.
4. User charges have to be paid in advance electronically to the college account or by cash at college office against due receipt.
5. Application for use of the hall by external body must be made at least two months before the programme to the Principal/ Teacher in Charge.
6. Principal/ Teacher in Charge, on scrutiny of the application, would inform the applicant body/association about the decision within seven days. In case of acceptance the applicant body must sign the agreement paper that stipulate norms for use of facilities installed in the hall.
7. College will charge very nominal amount of rupees four thousand per day for use with A.C and rupees two thousand without A.C. Hours of use would be counted from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
8. Before granting the permission, Principal/ Teacher in charge must make sure that holding of seminar/conference does not hamper, in any way, normal college classes or examinations.
9. College authority assign the duty of taking care of the hall to a non-teaching employee. He will be personally responsible for looking after all installations, electric equipment, A.C machines, furniture inside the hall.
10. Users are liable for proper up keep of all installation inside. The college will claim compensation from the organizer in case of damage or defacing of vital installations in side.
11. The college will provide for extra remuneration of Rupees 400/- for care taker who will be present inside the hall during the seminar/conference to look after and manage the facilities inside only on programme days.
12. Organizer must ensure that the hall is kept neat and clean.
13. Our college campus is tobacco free zone. The hall including its veranda must not be littered with used food packets, plastics and papers. Arrangement for food and beverage must be made at the ground floor.
14. Organizer must keep in mind that we have a seating arrangement for 150 people.
15. Departmental fresher’s welcome and farewell would not be allowed in the hall.
16. Principal may allow the use of Seminar hall by the departments on special occasion.

Dr. Md. Abdur Razzaque